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AGM 2018


Ogbourne St Andrew History Group     
Annual General Meeting:  held Thursday May 17 th 2018, 8pm St. Andrew’s Church

Draft Minutes:

Apologies for Absence  
Cathy Fuller; Ian & Marion Gordon-Finlayson; Roger Harris, Carolyn Edmunds, Anne Gay, Roger & Cheryl Swan

There were 14 Members present

Acceptance of last year’s AGM minutes
The previous year’s AGM minutes were accepted unanimously.

Chairman’s Report

A successful and busy year, with a third archaeological dig in the field to the west of the church, a well attended Christmas Fair, two visits and three talks plus a new geophysical survey to the north of the church. The graffiti survey continued and the megalithic wall in the churchyard was cleared of ivy and recorded.  The updated history of the church was published.

Visits: The season started in October with a Group visit to the Merchant’s House in Marlborough.  Our guides were Angela Hutt and Margaret Matthews who both gave excellent and well informed tours of this remarkable house.  In April a visit to the Wiltshire Museum in Devizes proved a real hit. The Museum Director, David Dawson, presented a brief history of the Society followed by a visit to the Library, Bronze Age exhibits (more than the British Museum!) and the finds store.  At each point David brought the objects to life explaining their significance and relevance.

Talks: The first talk was in November given by David Chandler on the "Life of Sir Isaac Newton", whose scientific intuition and inquisitive mind, despite an interest in Alchemy, created the foundation for the modern world of science.  In February Bob Clarke presented "The Story of Iron Age Wiltshire", a wide ranging and thought provoking view of our predecessors.  This must have been the coldest night of the year since it provoked a move the following month from the church to the warmth and comfort of Poughcombe Barns, courtesy of Roger and Cheryl Swan.  David du Croz gave a masterly review of WW1 -  "1918 – Conclusions and Reflections".

Archaeology: The third season of digging to the west of the church was, this year, low key and revealed what were probably animal enclosures in the west of the field.  The edge of what appears to be a mediaeval ditch was partially excavated and deserves a fuller examination at a later date.  It is expected that the digs will be written up and published later this year but in July we are proposing to hold a weekend "Community Archaeological Experience" where the all the finds will be examined and identified by volunteers form the Group and Parish with the aid of professional archaeologists.

A web contact, Steve Kaye, pointed out that, looking at Google Earth, there was a crop mark in the field to the north of the church.  This has been tentatively identified as a ploughed-in Bronze Age barrow similar in size to that in the churchyard and will be investigated in the autumn.  A further, smaller, ploughed-in barrow together with what could be an Anglo Saxon ditch and other features has been uncovered in the field to the north of the church.  Further geophysics are planned for this field.  If not an actual "barrow cemetery", we seem to have a high concentration of barrows (5 in all) close to the north of the village.

The "megalithic wall" in the churchyard was cleared of ivy by an enthusiastic band of volunteers in late March, photographed, measured and recorded.

The graffiti survey is almost complete with just the upper rooms of the tower to be recorded.  We have been waiting for the bird screens to be installed before venturing up there.

Church History: An updated history of the church has been completed and is on sale at £12.50 (£10 to members).  If all copies are sold there will be a modest profit for the church.

Website: The last year saw a total of 13,700 "hits" with a steady stream of enquiries.

The finances are still in good shape and the committee has recommended holding the annual fee at £10.
                                                                                                                                                   Bruce Fox     May 2018

The Chairman’s report was accepted unanimously.

Financial Report
opening balance:                                                                  361.85
less excess of expenditure / income over year:    (178.36)
Less o/s commitments                                                       (15.00)
balance available:                                                                168.49
                                                                                                                                   Alex Matthews   Hon Treasurer

Proposed budget:
speakers:                                                                  3 x £50     150.00
church hire                                                              3 x £15       45.00
web fees                                                                                        35.00
subscriptions:                                                       £26 x 10     260.00
budget surplus:                                                                            30.00
The Financial Report and Proposed Budget were accepted unanimously.

Appointment of Committee

The committee stood for re-election and were voted in nem con.

Chairman:            Bruce Fox
Vice Chairman:   Brian Wood
Secretary:             Margaret Matthews
Treasurer:            Alex Matthews
Committee:          Roger Harris
                              Jane Fox
                              Sue Parry

General Data Protection Regulations

It was noted that the Group will be operating to these regulations and every member has received a copy of the policy and will be required to sign an acceptance form at each renewal.  The policy is posted on the Group website.

Forthcoming Events
Moving the meeting day to the third Thursday had resulted in a clash with the Marlborough History Society and an apparent drop in attendance, so following an e-mail poll of the members, changes were suggested to the meeting:

  • The meeting day to be the second Thursday of the month

  • Meetings to be held in the period April to October to avoid the winter in the church

  • Meetings to start at 7.30pm

  • External visits will be held on a random basis and will be largely self-funding

  • Other, local, history society programmes will be flagged up to members on a regular basis.

These suggestions were agreed unanimously.

The programme therefore will be:
Thurs Jun 28th              Guided walk in Marlborough by Nick Baxter  (£3 pp)
Sat/Sun Jul  21-22nd    Community Archaeological Experience
Thurs Aug 9th                visit to Wolf Hall- tbc  (£10 pp)
Thurs Sep 13th              Talk   -  The Anarchy (Nick Baxter)
Thurs Oct 11th              Talk   -  Purton Remounts Story (Bob Lloyd)
Nov – Mar   no meetings in the church but external visit(s) to be arranged

Thurs Apr 11th              Talk   -  tba
Thurs May 9th               AGM

Any Other Business

Sue Parry outlined the progress which had been made on the proposed Information Panel.  It will be A1 size and contain information on the Mound, church & mediaeval manorial complex.  Suggestions that village information might be included have been dismissed since it was feared that the panel would be too confusing.  It will be professionally mounted and planning permission is being sought with support from the Parish Council.  Initial design & ideas are in progress and two local artists are preparing draft designs.  The question of funding is being examined but should not be a barrier to the project.

There being no other business, the meeting was declared closed.

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