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Philip and James Brangwin

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Philip was a baker, grocer, and Post Office keeper in Ogbourne St Andrew.  When he died in 1903, his business was taken over by his eldest son James C Brangwin, a sportsman!  James Brangwin became a class 2 football referee. Having settled into the family  business he became a very good baker, winning a Silver Medal and Diploma for Currant Bread at The Essex Bakers Association at Harlow. Also a won Gold Medal & Two Diplomas for White Bread. in 1909.  James must have run a very successful business because on 25th August 1906 due to the death of Mr Robert Pinckney Tanner [late owner of Og. Maizey Manor] several cottages came up for sale along the main road, and James proceeded to buy them:

For sale were 12 substantially built cottage tenements with good gardens abutting Marlborough to Swindon road close to Major Edwardes training establishment. The occupiers were  C.Blanchard, G.Cook, J.Bailey, F,Goddard, J Smith, F.Chilton, Mary Johnson, J Hicks, Mrs Amor, J Potter, E.Scott, and E.Harper. Rentals amounting to £49. 8s p.a.

James’s sister Mary Kate Brangwin had been working as a schoolmistress in St Andrew but retired in August 1902 due to her forthcoming wedding.

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