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A third visit from Cranfield University Forensic Institute was carried out from Monday May 22nd to Saturday May 27th.  The previous two years had shown that the extensive remains buried here are probably a large mediaeval agricultural complex.  

The objective this year was to concentrate on two areas: one close to the west door of the church, looking for any evidence of a connection between the church and the buried remains close to the field edge (were they possibly an early Norman monks' cell?) and an area to the south of the main ruins to extend our knowledge of the type of structures revealed by ground penetrating radar.

The dig ran with a limited number of volunteers and both trenches revealed few finds.  T
he evidence on trench 1 (by the west door) did not reveal any positive connection with the church. The remains of a wall in trench 2 have been revealed, together with a cut forming a long transverse feature (ditch?) across the field revealed by GPR.   Again, very few finds and no tiles were found implying either an animal inclosure or possibly a wooden barn with thatched roof?  However, an animal bone was discovered which might give a clue on the dating of the feature.

The reporting of this project has been unexpectedly delayed but will be produced in due course (July 2019).

April 2022
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