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A little known aspect of WW2 was the creation of PoW Camp 621 for Italian prisoners at Bonita stables in Maisey.  Situated just beyond the Upper Yard it consisted of two wooden huts and was probably a satellite to the larger camp at Wanborough.  The prisoners were employed on the local farms and planted several of the stands of trees around Maisey. They also laid piped water to the immediate village from the tank just to the north of the yard.  The latter type of work was usually carried out under the supervision of the Pioneer Corps.  Lower Yard was taken over as billets for British Army Other Ranks, with Officers installed in the Manor and Bonita.  The Upper Yard stables were used as stores.  Once the Americans arrived they displaced the British but presumably the PoW camp remained under control of the British Army.  After the war the huts were demolished before any recording was made of the names and addresses of the prisoners or of the graffiti.
April 2022
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