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        Ogbourne St Andrew, Maisey & Rockley
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Silks on the Downs
We have received a request from the Silks Team to collaborate in creating a “Local History and Heritage” project as part of their Community Benefit Programme.  This aims to deliver benefits to the community in general and is an essential part of the fund raising exercise.  Your committee has agreed in principle to this request and we have held an initial meeting to discuss various options, but we want to include the wider membership and community in future discussions and implementation.  To do this we envisage a small team chosen from the Silks, History Group and wider community to sketch out a broad approach. Once we have the initial team in place and understand how to proceed we will then call for volunteers to work on specific aspects.

Rockley Chapel
An updated text has been added.  Written by Mary Roberts in 1996 it gives a vivid view of the Chapel's history.

Maizey Chapel
A short note of the history of the Roman Catholic chapel has been added.

Bill Marshall
Bill was a very successful horse trainer who spent some time at Bonita stables in Maizey.  His amazing career, seaman, gold miner, WW2 flying ace and  horse trainer has been brought to light.
April 2022
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