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Silks on the Downs
We have received a request from the Silks Team to collaborate in creating a “Local History and Heritage” project as part of their Community Benefit Programme.  This aims to deliver benefits to the community in general and is an essential part of the fund raising exercise.  Your committee has agreed in principle to this request and we have held an initial meeting to discuss various options, but we want to include the wider membership and community in future discussions and implementation.  To do this we envisage a small team chosen from the Silks, History Group and wider community to sketch out a broad approach. Once we have the initial team in place and understand how to proceed we will then call for volunteers to work on specific aspects

WI and Millennium Books
The text from the WI and Millennium books is being scanned to make it simple to access the information currently hidden in them.  By making the data searchable we can begin to correlate isolated facts and create more of a coherent local story.  This leads onto: Millennium Book II.  In 2000 a photo book of the village was created – a record of who lived in the Parish.  Both this book and the 1965 WI book are always star attractions at History Group displays and it has been suggested that a fresh book would be an interesting exercise.  We would then have snapshots of the Parish from 1965, 2000 and 2022.  The effort to put this together is quite large – Margaret and Alex Matthews did a sterling job in 2000 but this time we are calling for volunteers to cover their own local area.  Margaret has agreed to coordinate the effort, but if you are prepared to volunteer to help, please let us know.
Website appeal and Social Media query
At the moment I administer the Group website but we are looking for someone to shadow me so that if anything untoward happens it will be accessible in the future.  It is a simple set up and straightforward to update but does require some basic computer knowledge. In addition, the question of launching the Group onto Facebook has been raised, something I have long resisted basically because I don’t really understand the best way to do it and maintain it (although the software I use does have that option embedded).   If you feel you would like to become involved, either in administering the website and/or Facebook, please let me know.

Are you interested in helping? If so do contact us.
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Rockley Chapel
An updated text has been added.  Written by Mary Roberts in 1996 it gives a vivid view of the Chapel's history.
November 2021
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