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Philip was a baker, grocer, and Post Office keeper in Ogbourne St Andrew.  When he died in 1903, his business was taken over by his eldest son James C Brangwyn, a sportsman!  James Brangwyn became a class 2 football referee. Having settled into the family  business he became a very good baker, winning a Silver Medal and Diploma for Currant Bread at The Essex Bakers Association at Harlow. Also a won Gold Medal & Two Diplomas for White Bread. in 1909.  James must have run a very successful business because on 25th August 1906 due to the death of Mr Robert Pinckney Tanner [late owner of Og. Maizey Manor] several cottages came up for sale along the main road, and James proceeded to buy them:

For sale were 12 substantially built cottage tenements with good gardens abutting Marlborough to Swindon road close to Major Edwardes training establishment. The occupiers were  C.Blanchard, G.Cook, J.Bailey, F,Goddard, J Smith, F.Chilton, Mary Johnson, J Hicks, Mrs Amor, J Potter, E.Scott, and E.Harper. Rentals amounting to £49. 8s p.a.

James’s sister, Mary Kate Brangwyn, had been working as a schoolmistress in St Andrew but retired in August 1902 due to her forthcoming wedding.

The two photographs below show the Brangwyn shop on the main road in 1922 (with, it is claimed, Jimmy Brangwyn standing outside) and 1910 (possibly again with Jimmy).  Spot the dogs in both photographs.

The Ogbourne Brangwyns were related to Sir Frank Brangwyn, a multi talented painter, graphic artist, print-maker and interior designer. He worked with William Morris and was associated with the Viennese Secessionists.  Some of his his work can be viewed here.

The Brangwin shop (now Field Cottage) post 1922
The shop in 1910. The bakery was behind the shop.
April 2022
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